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PromosThese photos were taken shortly after my dedication to the music ministry. I knew that I would be needing some pictures for promotional items like posters, flyers, and such. So, I asked my mom to do a photo shoot for me. My mom has been into photography for a long time and I knew that she would do a good job. Since the shoot, I have had people offer to do more extensive shoots, but I am very satisfied the quality of my mom's pictures. Despite the diverse backgrounds found in these photos, all of them were taken at my parents home in Dalton, Ga.

FamilyThis album contains photos of all of my family members at various family events. These events include birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas gift exchanges, New Year's parties, and much more.

EventsThese pictures are from venues that I have played at. Although there is not much there now, I hope to be building my event list fairly rapidly. To get pictures of me playing at your church or other venue on my site, just send an e-mail message to Booking on the Contacts page and I will be happy to line up to speak with you about playing for your event.

ChurchI am very thankful for my church family. Without their positive influence on my life, there is no doubt in my mind that I would not be in the close relationship with God that I am today. You can read my Testimony to find out more of what a church family can do for you and your personal relationship with God.

Hanging OutPictures in this album are of my friends and I simply Hanging Out. These are just random pix taken with our little toys, having fun. If you are one of my friends and have some cool pix of us hanging out, shoot me an e-mail and I will see if I can add them to the album.

OtherThese are just random pictures of things that I felt like including on my site. Some of them are pictures that I have taken and some of them were just pictures that I found and liked. I hope you enjoy.

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